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Struck with amnesia and cursed, Firecracker must traverse the derelict ruins of a buried temple. Help the little mouse regain his memories! 

Gameplay Instructions

  • E- view items (then click out of the item with the mouse)
  • D - Move right
  • A- Move left
  • SPACE- jump
  • W- Jump higher
  • Z- Dash (jump in air direction and dash)
  • X- Teleport (hold x and then click in the circle where you'd like to teleport


Originally created for Global Game Jam 2022, as a collaboration between Galway and Seattle.

Galway team

  • Skritz1526 : Initial concept, Narrative Design, writing
  • anthonyGameJam16: Programming, Level Design
  • olaaki: 2D Art, Character Design, Narrative Prop Design
  • matty_: 2D Art, Animation

Seattle team

  • fluffy: Composer, Sound Design
  • CoreyKemper: 2D Art, Environmental Design

Install instructions

Extract the zip file then double click the execulatable


Global Game Jam build 44 MB
Version 2 Jan 30, 2022

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